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  • Time of issue:2021-11-17 10:27
Talent view (learn from Haier and catch up with Haier)
Everyone is a talent, horse race does not judge a horse -- Shengxue Dacheng talent view
1. All men are worthy of talent
What is lacking is not talent, but the mechanism to produce talent. The responsibility of the manager is to create a space for innovation for each employee by building a "racetrack", so that each employee can become a self-managed SBU.
To be specific, the horse-racing mechanism contains three principles: first, fair competition and meritocracy; Second, the job is suitable for its ability, the use of talent; Third, rational flow and dynamic management. In the employment system, the implementation of the "coexistence of multiple workers, dynamic conversion" mechanism. The essence of human resource development and management of Shengxue Dacheng is to give full play to everyone's potential ability, so that everyone can feel the competitive pressure from the enterprise and the market every day, and can transform the pressure into the driving force of competition.
2. Combine Authorization with Oversight -- Adequate authorization must be combined with oversight
Shengxue Dacheng laid down three rules: reign should be controlled, promotion by competition, and post rotation upon expiration.
There are two meanings of "being in office should be controlled" : first, cadres should be able to control themselves subjectively and have self-discipline consciousness; second, the group should establish a control system to control the direction and target of work and avoid making directional mistakes; It is control finance again, avoid illegal violate discipline.
"Promotion depends on competition" means that relevant functional departments should establish a more clear competition system, so that excellent talents can follow this system, so that everyone can feel pressure, but also to give full play to their talents, so as not to bury talents.
The term "rotation upon expiration" means that the main cadres should have a term of office in one department and rotate departments after expiration. This is to prevent cadres from working in one department for a long time, resulting in rigid thinking, lack of creativity and vitality, resulting in no new situation in the work of the department. Take turns to make to young cadre still can increase take exercise opportunity, become a generalist, train more human resources for the development of enterprise in the future.
3. Talent and wealth
Talent -- this kind of person wants to do, also have a few basic qualities, but need carve, the enterprise should have investment, its oneself also have the desire that wants to become useful.
Talent -- People who can fit in quickly and hit the ground running.
Personal wealth - These are the people who bring great wealth to the business through their efforts.
For Shengxue Dacheng, good people are "talents".
The rudiment of "talent" should be "talent". This is the "talent" of the rough, is the "raw material", enterprises need to spend time to carve. But we don't have that time in today's "speed of life and death" market.
The development of "talents" is "people and wealth". "Talent" is easy to use, but easy to use people are not equal to bring wealth for the enterprise; As the minimum quality, "talents" identify with the enterprise culture, but with the enterprise culture may not immediately create value for the enterprise. Corporate culture alone is not enough, but also for the enterprise to create wealth, such people can become "human wealth".
Whether it is polished, usable "talent", or immediately usable, user-friendly "talent" is not our ultimate goal; What we seek is the "human wealth" that can create wealth and value for the enterprise!
Only "people and wealth" is the top talent! Come can create wealth for the enterprise, create value! If our enterprises want to prosper, we must fully discover and use "human wealth".
4. Today is a talent, tomorrow may not be a talent
The definition of talent depends on the value created for the society. Every senior adult should and can become a talent and create greater value for the society.
Talent is a dynamic concept, now the market competition is very fierce, today is a talent, tomorrow may not be a talent, adults should continue to surpass themselves, and constantly improve their quality. How to constantly improve their own quality, do talent forever? Must have own ideal, own goal! If there is no firm goal, in the process of improving their own quality, self-challenge will hesitate, wavering. Every big adult has his own dream, and this dream must be combined with the big goal of creating a world famous brand.

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Hebei Shengxue Dacheng Pharmaceutical(Tangshan) Co.,Ltd.(originally called Thangshan Huaqing Biochemical Pharmaceutical Co.,Ltd., renamed and effected from Dec.2nd ,2007) was granted GMP certificate i
On the morning of May 8, 2019, Chen Shutang, Chief Accountant of CNNC, Zhong Jie, General Manager and Deputy Party Secretary of China Uranium Industry visited Hebei Shengxue Dacheng Pharmaceutical Co., LTD for investigation and guidance.
On May 29, Wang Cheng, General Manager and Deputy Party Secretary of China Uranium Industry Visited Inner Mongolia Shengxue Dacheng Pharmaceutical Co., LTD for investigation. During this period, I listened to the report of the company's production and operation, party building and reform and development, and inspected the production and construction site. Wang Cheng said that In the cruel market competition environment, Shengxue Dacheng has forged a cadre team capable of suffering, dedication and management, especially in the marketization of the bid has made achievements. Wang Cheng stressed that we should adhere to and constantly deepen the concept of innovative development, safe development and green development, integrate into the center, continue to strengthen the party building of the company, find short boards, promote improvement, care for the majority of workers, and actively guide and promote the company's production and operation and project construction, to achieve high quality and high efficiency of the company's development. Guo Qingyin, Deputy chief engineer of China Uranium Industry, Zeng Qingqiang, Director of operation management Department, Liu Tiejun, Party Secretary and Chairman of Hebei Shengxue Dacheng Company and other relevant leaders accompanied the investigation.
In order to fulfill the obligation of environmental protection consciously and accept social supervision actively, we formulate the content of environmental information publicity in accordance with relevant national laws, regulations and standards and in combination with the actual production situation of our company.
Tangshan received the EU-GMP certificate issued by the German government on June 28, 2016, and announced on the official website on July 14, 2016. This is the second time that our company successfully passed the EU-GMP on-site inspection. Eu-gmp certification, the European Medicines Agency (EMEA) certification of the quality management practice for the manufacture of medicines, is a passport for medicines to enter the EU market. Germany is one of the GMP implementation of strict eu member states, represent the global drug administration standards, GMP certificate issued by, is a must for the work of my company's quality management system, is also the height of the company's overall management level of recognition to me, we will be to encourage, constantly improving the quality of individual consciousness, constantly improve the quality management level, keep advantage!

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